Unbridled Desire

Gazing, filled with lust,
at the flawless form veering,
left or right, is just
a matter of peering.

Elegance made frozen and real,
arching unto itself,
And, like a stem ethereal,
completing herself.

She perched there, vain,
on swirling grains of wood;
skin glowing porcelain,
like the moon wished it could.

An unknown depth she had,
home to a swirling essence;
that lent life, color and a tad,
of melancholy to her presence.

Her curves seemed to be,
fashioned to astound;
The entirety of the mettle to see,
her broken pieces must be found.

‘Sir, if you want tea instead, I can have your order replaced?’ the waitress asked my friend, after watching him stare at a cup across the diner for 15 minutes. ‘Never mind, he’s retarded’, I said wryly, before taking the tissue he’d written his sonnet on and drop-kicking it as far as I could.


17 thoughts on “Unbridled Desire

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    1. Hahaha that’s another hilarious way to look at it. Although I’m just phenomenally tired of him obsessing over tea cups. And yes, he did consider self-publishing but since I created him, exclusive copyrights.
      Stay tuned for more of his work.

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