Some wayside refreshments

Oh hey, how’s it goin’. Been mighty silent around here for a while, hasn’t it? But I feel like that’s a good thing, means you won’t be getting a post absolutely covered in excrement.

There might be some excrement.

Anyway, if you’ve got nothing to do at all, and have wandered here at about this time, how can I let you wonderful people go empty-handed, eh? Lemme list a couple of things, not in any particular order, that you might expect from this blog in the immediate future –

  • The next installment of Shinobi’s Quest.
  • A story about a dog. For God’s sake move your cursor away from that unfollow button and give it a chance. And no, it’s nothing like Bolt, the movie.
  • A poem which I’m not sure I wanna post here, but I might, depends. It’s nothing like the usual stuff I post.
  • A horror short story! Yes I dabble. Also, it involves bicycles. No, it’s not the rest of the zombie excerpt I posted earlier because the excerpt is from a story I wrote in a gamebook format, which is impossible to reproduce on a blog, sorry. I’m working on turning parts of it into traditional stories, so stay tuned.
  • An interstellar epic. This one’s a passion project and is taking a hell of a lot of research, and just to titillate you all, here’s a word – Enceladus. Look it up.


Cheerio \(*-*)/


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