The Liebster Award (and the Q&A you’ve always wanted…or not)

I’m hella grateful to the wonderful, Jaya, for nominating me for this award. Much love.

Some of the questions I was asked :

  • Which is/was the first destination on your Travel List? Why?

Hmm, let’s see…Iceland. Place is like a living memorial to Nordic lore, which I’m                  deeply fixated on, plus the mind-blowing landscapes and all that, well, room.

  • If asked to wish for one super power, what it would be? What would you do after getting it?

Of course we’ve all thought about this. I would wanna have the power of                               persuasion, like that chick in X-men origins, just stronger. Have anything I want,                 and chalk it up to my ultra-magnetic personality ? Hell yeah!

And after getting it, I would rob a bank, duh. Obviously.

  • If you are given a chance to live the life of a novel character, who would it be?

Arthur Dent, from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Sweet, ignorant bliss                               while being at the centre of every major inter-galactic adventure ever.

  • What would you choose: ‘A very well furnished room, in a metropolitan with every single thing you want’ or ‘A wooden hut, in the lap of most beautious form of nature with just enough things’.

One of my favorite questions to get the hang of a new person I’m meeting. My pick             is the wooden hut, always.

  • Which is your favourite song?

Woah, tough one. I’m in no mood to torture myself right now so I’ll just list a                        random couple

 : Almost anything by Imagine Dragons (Thunder, Believer, I bet my life, I’ll                              make it up to you etc.)

 : Coldplay’s Hypnotised, A sky full of stars, Fix you, The scientist, Paradise

 : Kendrick Lamar’s All the stars

 : Feeling good by Michael Buble

  • If you were to marry some cartoon character, who would it be?

Thomas the train engine. Happy free traveling.

  • Who is your favourite blogger?

Haven’t been here long, so can’t really say, but I’d say all of you are pretty damn                 awesome, and yep, I’ve read all my followers’ works.

  • Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

Night owl

  • Which the one habit you wish to get rid of but can’t?

Hey, everybody, serial procrastinator here

  • What is your dream death?

If I can’t tell it’s happening. Preferably with a flute of champagne in hand.


Questions for my nominees to answer, gonna keep it short :

  • Favorite movie/TV show/anime
  • Favorite book
  • Do you pour milk first or cereal ?
  • What’s that one thing you’ve been putting off for a really long time ?
  • Your first name, and what would you change it to, if you wanted to
  • Link a post you liked a lot (can be your own, someone you follow or a follower’s)
  • One thing you wished you knew before you started blogging
  • The kind of pizza you order, or any other food item that you wanna make dinner out of, but you’re almost broke
  • Personal preference, car or motorbike ?
  • Full moon turns you into a werewolf, yes or no ?


My nominees :








  • Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions you are asked.
  • Nominate few other bloggers for the award and inform them.
  • Create ten interesting questions to be answered by them.


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