You wake up in a field, stark naked…

How’s it going, people!

This is one of the best thought experiments out there and a personal favorite. Let’s begin.

A time-machine transports you to an unknown time period. You’re as naked as the day you were born. You look around and quickly realize that it’s the medieval age, a time of kings, castles and swords. There is no memory loss at all, you know every single thing you knew before. You also remember being told that the only way to get back, is by making people believe that you’re from the future.

How do you do that?


Some things to keep in mind :

  • It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • Think carefully and meticulously. Like, if you say ‘I’ll make a knife’, you must be ready to explain how exactly you will craft the handle, make a wedge, find metal/stone, sharpen it, screw it in place etc. You get the gist.
  • We’ll be assuming there’s no superstition and fear of ‘sorcery’. Whatever you do, make it convincing.
  • Notice it says ‘How’ and not ‘What’ you will do. You gotta explain whatever approach you pick.
  • Most importantly, there are no right or wrong answers.


5 thoughts on “You wake up in a field, stark naked…

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  1. Explain to them basic concepts like electricity via simple demonstrations (e.g. rubbing towel on your hair to make it stand up). Obtain pen and paper and show people how calculus works, how electric circuits work, what airplanes look like. Obtain wood to make an easy fixie bike (no chains needed). Describe to people other parts of the world. Basically be OP and know things they would deem impossible to know without contradicting religion because that might get me killed :p

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    1. Ahahaha, brilliant! I guess you could flesh out the concepts of static electricity and use it to explain lightning(to the non-zealots obv). Calculus is a nice idea too, it would add to their knowledge of geomentry. What’s a fixie bike tho, I’m clueless :p I thought about describing the world too, but then I figured, without any way to prove it, they would just disregard it, and since I only know tidbits about medieval history, can’t educate them about history heh


      1. Aha, good ideas about calculus (I’d be helpless beyond the basic concept though). a fixie bike is a bike without chains, so the rotation of your legs exactly match the rotation of the tires. IDK. History can be tricky because you don’t know if the thing you predict will happen in their lifetime heh? Fun thought experiment to be sure!

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