Beyond the door

I am a wisp of speckled dust,
floating serenely in a sea of night,
be passionate yet aimless, I must,
for these tunnels do not end at the light.

I soar through ice and stone,
circling their sleeping mother,
A gargantuan orb all alone,
and for me, a safe tether.

I see a blaze in the distance,
stripped of its glory, yet forever,
the finger which gave existence,
to the nine keychains of endeavour.

I break away, restless,
flicked by unseen hands,
and at speeds boundless,
race past frozen lands.

I dive into a sparkling ocean,
of colors hung, frozen in time,
and in its womb, akin to a potion,
brew fiery embers of a star sublime.

I witness collosal, twirling orbs,
spewing their essence into the night,
and a ravenous blackness that warps,
reality itself to feed its might.

Children of the void, remember
I see much, and forget more,
yet it is for you to fan your ember,
and take a step beyond the door.

18 thoughts on “Beyond the door

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      1. I always have this daydream that one day someone will invent something that makes us able to share our imaginations with others visually! Like a brain projection 😛 I always find it hard to articulate things I imagine because it’s so vivid 😛

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      2. That would be the most beautiful and pure thing ever. Up till now we have primite versions of that, like books, movies, video games, AR/VR, but I know what you mean. Direct transmission from one mind to another, a sweeping, grand experience😍.
        Ah yes, it is hard, words will never encompass what we actually imagine, but their beauty lies in giving the reader the ability to impose their own imagination on the tale, I guess. Keep writing tho, writers bring their own unique sort of greenery to the world❤️

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