Where’s the champagne dammit

We made it to 100 followers, people!

I’m overjoyed as I write this, for obvious reasons. I was told a lot of things by a lot of people. “You need to have a certain theme for your blog, Saket”, “You can’t post anything, Saket”, “People need to know what to expect, Saket”, and I stood there smiling and nodding demurely because really, who was there to protest any different, me and my grubby notepad? Scribbling ‘screw you’ (pardon my french) in the aforementioned grubby notepad and sticking it to my forehead was tempting but a touch, ah, passé.

But now I know there are at least 100 people who think different. Thank you to all of you wonderful beings from the bottom of my heart. This is a great community and I’ve come to love each and every one of you and your splendid works, seriously.

And, as I keep saying, I might be lazy, but hey, I’m consistent. More no-theme posts incoming asap  ^_^


12 thoughts on “Where’s the champagne dammit

Add yours

    1. Thanks a lot😊 And if that’s what you love writing about, I bet there are hundreds of people out there who would love to read it too! I know I do, just give the others time to find your blog lol

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  1. Sweet! Im yet to feel this feeling..but I recently only got back into my blogwork after quite a long stall..buuuut i push on and keep my fingers close to the keys to push out more ramblings hoping to net more curious creative souls 🙂

    Kudos to you Sir Saket

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