Review Nuggets [3-movie pack]

That’s right, we’re doing this too now. I’ll be reviewing all sorts of things (books/movies/games) in nugget-sized paragraphs for hasty consumption.

Also, if you like these and wouldn’t mind some more, do let me know!

Here are the 3 movies I watched recently, take a look –


Bad Times at the El Royale [5/10]

An enjoyable weekend flick that attempts to weave a suspenseful thriller around a motel and the intertwining lives of 7 people as they tussle with their demons, both real and imagined. Also a flick that could use some more time in the editing room, a less corny character arc of a certain singer, and some flak for ruining a, potentially, truly psychotic, memorable villain.

Children of Men [8/10]

A brilliant watch that masterfully tackles an increasingly probable crisis in the near-future. Unlike most sci-fi flicks, it relies on it’s story-telling and goose-bump inducing one-shot sequences to deliver a memorable experience. In short, I found my spine’s arc directly responding to the story’s arc.

Velvet Buzzsaw [4/10]

A two-hour long reel of wasted potential. The movie’s concept and the horror hook could have been molded into some truly terrifying sequences, and they almost delivered a spine-chilling culmination…almost. Regardless, Jake Gyllenhaal tried his best with a stunted script and delivers a rivetting performance as usual.


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