Slow-roasting fragment #5 of 'The Shinobi's Quest'

Where’s the grand celebratory bash dammit

I dreamt I was trapped in a cabin, log. Paying heed to the advice of a worthless frog. He was not a prince, What he did was rinse, All the nice ideas from my future online blog. So now you know who to blame for my slow pace. I make corny jokes and cornier limericks... Continue Reading →

Review Nuggets [3-movie pack]

That's right, we're doing this too now. I'll be reviewing all sorts of things (books/movies/games) in nugget-sized paragraphs for hasty consumption. Also, if you like these and wouldn't mind some more, do let me know! Here are the 3 movies I watched recently, take a look -   Bad Times at the El Royale [5/10]... Continue Reading →

No I’m not dead and other things

First off, I’m sorry that you were subscribed (I know this isn’t youtube shutthewjjnfsk…) to an abandoned blog for the past 2-3 months. I didn’t realize my everyday life would blindside me like that and make me carve out gigantic pieces from the time I set aside to write my stuff and read yours. Right... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #4

You are absolutely right, this should have been here way sooner. But hey, the happy side of the coin says that everything will move faster now. That means more fragments, delivered asap. Scout's honor (we can throw that around right? it's not sacred is it...). Catch up on the 3rd fragment here.   ‘Run, otuoto! I... Continue Reading →

Oxygen? pfft. I have stories

Stories, man. What enchanting, wondrous creations. Figments of imagination that leap into existence, flowing bountiful from vibrant minds all over the world. Each one nestles in itself a strange universe, some quite like ours, and others that couldn't be more different. There is a gravity to these tales that draws us towards them, makes us... Continue Reading →

Where’s the champagne dammit

We made it to 100 followers, people! I'm overjoyed as I write this, for obvious reasons. I was told a lot of things by a lot of people. "You need to have a certain theme for your blog, Saket", "You can't post anything, Saket", "People need to know what to expect, Saket", and I stood... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #3

Took me long enough to write this, but the good news is that this fragment will hopefully clear up a lot of bottlenecked questions that you all might have had. And if you're a newbie who happened to stumble across this, grab the preceeding fragments here. Happy reading!   Circa 1298 – One year before the... Continue Reading →

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