The most rivetting story you will ever read

There's something I want to tell you all today. Did you hear about the cat who wanted the plush cushion in the neighbour's living room? She was fed up of the hard floors and the hard humans who surrounded her. Her paws hurt and her entire being cried out for the soft, velvety touch of... Continue Reading →

Oxygen? pfft. I have stories

Stories, man. What enchanting, wondrous creations. Figments of imagination that leap into existence, flowing bountiful from vibrant minds all over the world. Each one nestles in itself a strange universe, some quite like ours, and others that couldn't be more different. There is a gravity to these tales that draws us towards them, makes us... Continue Reading →

You wake up in a field, stark naked…

How's it going, people! This is one of the best thought experiments out there and a personal favorite. Let's begin. A time-machine transports you to an unknown time period. You're as naked as the day you were born. You look around and quickly realize that it's the medieval age, a time of kings, castles and... Continue Reading →

Unbridled Desire

Gazing, filled with lust, at the flawless form veering, left or right, is just a matter of peering. Elegance made frozen and real, arching unto itself, And, like a stem ethereal, completing herself. She perched there, vain, on swirling grains of wood; skin glowing porcelain, like the moon wished it could. An unknown depth she... Continue Reading →

The Dark Knight

The paint slid down the canvas. It was dark, as deep as the night, and its mere passage imbued everything it touched with its essence. A dark so profound, that the thugs in the alley could barely see each others' faces. It had been a long night of robbing storefronts and the three were almost... Continue Reading →

The 5 After-effects of Watching Awesome Movies

Movie-holics, you may continue. Everytime you watch an awesome flick, it latches onto your brain and doesn't let go at least until you watch the next awesome flick...I'm kidding, it wears off in a few hours, BUT, those few hours are really nutty and plunge your imagination in a different world altogether. Disclaimer : This... Continue Reading →

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