Beyond the door

I am a wisp of speckled dust, floating serenely in a sea of night, be passionate yet aimless, I must, for these tunnels do not end at the light. I soar through ice and stone, circling their sleeping mother, A gargantuan orb all alone, and for me, a safe tether. I see a blaze in... Continue Reading →

Unbridled Desire

Gazing, filled with lust, at the flawless form veering, left or right, is just a matter of peering. Elegance made frozen and real, arching unto itself, And, like a stem ethereal, completing herself. She perched there, vain, on swirling grains of wood; skin glowing porcelain, like the moon wished it could. An unknown depth she... Continue Reading →

The Keyhole

    An upturned flask set in gold, the glint of a curious eye; the scrape of knees on stone, and a small muffled cry. An adventure unlike another, a world like none else; towering wood brother, to luring minstrels. Whispered words entice, flame to a besotted moth; enraptured twins the eyes, behold as if... Continue Reading →

The Elusive Dream

The lone traveller trudges through the woods, cool draft soothing the raging brow, prophets of the pale orb clash with the green; yet the dappled sea wears the veil. Fairies of lore flit through his sight, their wispy robes flecked with snow, tiaras glittering on majestic brows, and the traveller sighs; yet the flame burns... Continue Reading →

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