Slow-roasting fragment #5 of 'The Shinobi's Quest'

Where’s the grand celebratory bash dammit

I dreamt I was trapped in a cabin, log. Paying heed to the advice of a worthless frog. He was not a prince, What he did was rinse, All the nice ideas from my future online blog. So now you know who to blame for my slow pace. I make corny jokes and cornier limericks... Continue Reading →

No I’m not dead and other things

First off, I’m sorry that you were subscribed (I know this isn’t youtube shutthewjjnfsk…) to an abandoned blog for the past 2-3 months. I didn’t realize my everyday life would blindside me like that and make me carve out gigantic pieces from the time I set aside to write my stuff and read yours. Right... Continue Reading →

Where’s the champagne dammit

We made it to 100 followers, people! I'm overjoyed as I write this, for obvious reasons. I was told a lot of things by a lot of people. "You need to have a certain theme for your blog, Saket", "You can't post anything, Saket", "People need to know what to expect, Saket", and I stood... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Recognition Award

Heaps of adoration to Jaya for throwing my name out there for this award. The blogger recognition award is this holistic initiative by bloggers to nurture the community and bring the best out of their fellow bloggers.   Story behind this blog : There's none, move on. I'm kidding. This was kind of a migration from tumblr... Continue Reading →

Some wayside refreshments

Oh hey, how's it goin'. Been mighty silent around here for a while, hasn't it? But I feel like that's a good thing, means you won't be getting a post absolutely covered in excrement. There might be some excrement. Anyway, if you've got nothing to do at all, and have wandered here at about this time,... Continue Reading →

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