The most rivetting story you will ever read

There's something I want to tell you all today. Did you hear about the cat who wanted the plush cushion in the neighbour's living room? She was fed up of the hard floors and the hard humans who surrounded her. Her paws hurt and her entire being cried out for the soft, velvety touch of... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #4

You are absolutely right, this should have been here way sooner. But hey, the happy side of the coin says that everything will move faster now. That means more fragments, delivered asap. Scout's honor (we can throw that around right? it's not sacred is it...). Catch up on the 3rd fragment here.   ‘Run, otuoto! I... Continue Reading →

Oxygen? pfft. I have stories

Stories, man. What enchanting, wondrous creations. Figments of imagination that leap into existence, flowing bountiful from vibrant minds all over the world. Each one nestles in itself a strange universe, some quite like ours, and others that couldn't be more different. There is a gravity to these tales that draws us towards them, makes us... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #3

Took me long enough to write this, but the good news is that this fragment will hopefully clear up a lot of bottlenecked questions that you all might have had. And if you're a newbie who happened to stumble across this, grab the preceeding fragments here. Happy reading!   Circa 1298 – One year before the... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #2

Read the first fragment here --------------------------------------------   He was running down a dark corridor, as cold as the void. The torches burned blue in their brackets, briefly illuminating the beads of sweat on his naked body as he flit by. He was tired and his legs felt full of lead but there was a rising whisper... Continue Reading →

Unbridled Desire

Gazing, filled with lust, at the flawless form veering, left or right, is just a matter of peering. Elegance made frozen and real, arching unto itself, And, like a stem ethereal, completing herself. She perched there, vain, on swirling grains of wood; skin glowing porcelain, like the moon wished it could. An unknown depth she... Continue Reading →

Shinobi’s Quest – fragment #1

Hey people! Okay, so I wrote this as the beginning of a ninja's short tale. Read on and tell me if you think it's worth continuing, trashing, etc. Just tell me what's on your mind 🙂  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   "You say you have seen him?" "As I have every single traveller who passes through here." "But... Continue Reading →

Excerpt Time!

Here’s an excerpt from a new post-apocalyptic game book I’m working on, ingeniously titled … PROLOGUE. Cool, right ? I know ! And did I mention how important your reviews are ? They’re like gas to my Toyota of ideas. Keep ‘em coming ! Now put on your scare pants. I kid you not.  ... Continue Reading →

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